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Thomas Offinga
Posted May 11 - Read on Facebook

Is there a way to overwrite the default animation speed using a Slidercomponent? Whenever I do this, it doesn't seem to get overwritten.

animationspeed = 0.4

Framer.Defaults.Animation =
> time: animationspeed

animationSpeedSlider.on "change:value", ->
> animationspeed = Utils.round(animationSpeedSlider.value, 1)


Trevor Phillippi

you're assigning the value of animationSpeed at the time you're referencing it. JS has no concept of pointers, so Framer.Defaults.Animation wont be updated when you update the value in the slider's change handler. You want to assign the new value to the animation defaults in the handler to ensure it's kept up to date.

Trevor Phillippi
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