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Robert Thompson
Posted May 11 - Read on Facebook

Framer promotes the use of coding as part of the interaction design process, yet there's this argument; if anything will Framer JS support ES6?


Niels van Hoorn

Yes, at some point in the future. But we have yet to decide when.
Is there anything about coffeescript you don't like? Or features in ES6 you are missing?

Andy Cetnarskyj

ES6 is just becoming the standard across a lot of other JS libraries, frameworks. It would make it easier to integrate these and learn best practices if the language was consistent

Torrey Rice

Niels van Hoorn - For me, the cognitive load when writing in coffeescript is unbearable. I think a lot of the examples at sum up my issues with it as well. In general, the use of CoffeeScript in Framer tends to make me apprehensive about using it because it feels like I'm always running into issues and spending time debugging them which is not what I want to be dealing with when trying to whip up a quick prototype.

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