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Daniel Specht
Posted May 09 - Read on Facebook

From time to time I try to use Framer JS as a website prototype tool. It's not really made for web prototype dev. even if there is a option to choose "Webbrowser" as a device but. Unfortunately it doesn't makes much sense to use it but I already described this.. Mirroring works better but you can't refresh the webbrowser, and see the changes. Does anyone know how to bypass this?

Another problem becomes apparent when you try to make e.g a 1440 x 900 px web prototype. Imagine you have a 13" Macbook. There's no chance to see what you are doing on the other side of the canvas (see image). Any idea if there is some kinda "hand-tool" like in Photoshop?


Koen Bok

We're working on being able to detach the preview, but for now mirror works best. It auto refreshes if you save your project.

Vladimir Shlygin

I'm using Framer mostly for prototyping web projects. Usually for this kind of tasks I make a parent layer and change it's scale while working in a split view.

Vladimir Shlygin

Another option is to make special device template for your screen size (1440x900)

Jorn van Dijk

Maybe this is useful for you:

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