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U-Kyung Kim
Posted May 11 - Read on Facebook

Hi, I practiced more Framer.js today and made a piano passcode screen! I learned about adding audio using a module called UISound. :)

Turn on the sound, and play C-C-G-G-A-A-G to unlock the phone!

On dribbble:


Jake Blakeley

Love it! I think I'd get caught up trying to play a song rather than unlocking my phone.

Jeungmin Oh

If you switch the position of the keyboards (horizontally) every time you try to unlock it, it might be more difficult for strangers to hack your passwords behind your shoulder.

Vladimir Shlygin

Absolutely love it :) It's a cool way to learn how to play songs as well haha

Alf Bae

Love it. But Sounding passtunes in public may be not a great UX. : )

Mackenzie Davidson

perfect pitch iPhone thieves aha

Ed Monterrubio

Ah what a neat idea. Thanks for sharing U!

Kian Lavi

This is great! Been thinking of mixing Framer prototypes with sound lately, so this is perfect timing

John Trabelsi


Olga Abramova

awesome :)

Umar Irshad

this is awesome!

Eugenia Potemkina


Jihoon Suh


Daouna Jeong

haha I love this!

Lim Yung-hui

Nice concept.

Harshath J.R.

That G# note killed me!

Dean Kim

G# doesn't sound like it is wrong to me.. haha

Pascal Verstegen

This is the greatest thing ever U-Kyung!

Lương Đức Duy

hâh. cool

Jeff B. Léonard


Andre LaMont

Very very nice!

Kasim Te

Very nice!

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