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Jiaxin Chen
Posted May 11 - Read on Facebook

Hi Framer Team, I'm writing an Chinese ebook called "Framer for Designer" for designers in China.

One thing draws my attention is Framer Docs' code highlight theme. Because I want my ebook's code block looks like the docs. It's amazing beautiful and useful.

I can get theme's hex value in doc-style.css, but when I use "highlight.js" to detect "CoffeeScript in Framer"? Unsatisfactory. This script can only detect a little.

So, can you guys teach me a way to detect "CoffeeScript in Framer" accurately? Or tell me the JS you recommended?
Sorry for my poor English~


Jorn van Dijk

Jiaxin, this is amazing! If you want, I can send you the color theme in Sketch. PM me. Koen might be able to help out with the highlight part of your question.

Koen Bok

Hey Jaxin this is what we use on the site:

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