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Geunbae Lee
Posted May 11 - Read on Facebook


I'm in the process of creating my first-ever mobile app (weather app). I've used Framer and Sketch to create this prototype which still needs a lot of work done.

While creating this, I came across a question when I imported my designs from Sketch to Framer. Is it wiser to import the PNG files created from Sketch to Framer rather than importing the whole Sketch layers?

I've tried importing the Sketch Layers directly and it just created a whole mess because there were a lot of layer groups that I didn't end up using but needed to organize.

Also, in the Weekly Forecast section, I'm trying to place 5Day Forecast as a default and when pressed the 10Day area, 5 extra days are shown. How should I do this?


Niels van Hoorn

Great prototype! Did you know the visible property of groups in Sketch gets imported into Framer as well? So if you hide the groups you don't need in Sketch just before importing, you have to do less bookkeeping in Framer

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