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Way Chang
Posted May 09 - Read on Facebook

Hi all! Yesterday I was really excited to see Jordan Robert Dobson’s post “InputField module” which is about using native camera & camera roll on mobile device. It is really useful to the project I am working on.

So I took a part of my project to test the module, here is the result:

Be aware that some portrait photos will be rotated at 90 degree, not sure why this is happening.

Hopefully in the future we can access the camera directly instead of showing up the action sheet and also the photo gallery can be called separately

Once again! Thanks to Jordan Robert Dobson! And thanks to Framer for giving me a chance to learn coding. It’s not easy, but awesome fun!

Anyone is interested in Framer in Taiwan Area. Please feel free join our newly opened Framer JS Taiwan Group !
如果有台灣的朋友們想一起交流的話,歡迎到這個社團 Framer JS Taiwan


Jorn van Dijk

Cool stuff Way!

Jordan Robert Dobson

It's amazing and awesome how quick you guys pick this stuff up.

This is a great idea... If only it didn't make me feel itchy after looking at it. 😮😩😤


Benjamin E Saravia

Wow very useful for camera apps... nice

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