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Ayushi Sinha
Posted May 09 - Read on Facebook

[Need help] I created a prototype for iPhone 6. How do I make it work on Nexus 6? The proportions are really off(prototype on Nexus is occupying only half of the screen)

I tried:
Framer.Device.contentScale = (Screen.width / artboardWidth)


Jorn van Dijk

Hey Ayushi, short answer is there is no easy way. If you want to invest the time, you can make everything in Framer relative to the screen and have it scale according to different resolutions. Try:

layerA = new Layer
width: Screen.width

You'll notice this will wrap the layer across the entire screen independent from the device you're viewing on.

Jun-Seok Kim

not perfect, but you could try:
wrapper = new Layer width: 750, height: 1334, originX: 0, originY: 0, scale: Screen.width/750

And set all of layers superLayer: wrapper

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