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Sergey Voronov
Posted Jan 08 - Read on Facebook

not sure whether its a bug or its meant to be like that? if I copy layer, states are not copied to new object?


Koen Bok

Yeah for now we don't copy states, events and styles. I guess copying states would make sense.

Alexis Morin

I'm hitting this issue now as well. Please update documentation to explain you don't copy states or copy states.
My vote is: copy states onto the new object as well.

Jordan Robert Dobson

I suggest storing your styles inside the custom property... = { style object here }

Then when you copy it... =

Anything in the custom property gets copied.

Koen Bok

Jonas nice for upkeep.

Alexis Morin

Finding myself in the same conundrum today.
layerB.states.on = layerA.states.on =
This works.

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