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Jordan Robert Dobson
Posted Jun 07 - Read on Facebook

Hey all!

I'm adding some enhancements to my InputField module and wanted you to test it out before I push out the update.

The idea of this one is you can update your avatar with a photo from your camera or camera roll.

One issue I know for sure is that it doesn't work in Studio, only on your device or browser. Let me know if you find any others.


Madhu Rajanna

Nice work!!

Stephen Crowley

Very cool and useful! I've been just faking it, I even made a gif to put in the viewfinder to make it feel more "real". Only tough part is counting on demoing on your phone only. Not a huge deal though.

Thomas Rekers

Nice! It works on my android phone. I can only take a photo, or choose a file from documents however. Not from my photo gallery.

Dave Crow

Nice! Worked well on my 6s. But portrait photos always get turned sideways.

Nikolay Berezovskiy

Android L, Chrome — works perfect.
Facebook's web preview — gallery only, without request camera/gallery.
Framer (app for Android) — does nothing :(

Ermal Turkesi

Works great on iPhone 6

Leonid Nazarov

Worked well on my iPhone 5, iOS 9

Jordan Robert Dobson

Thanks everyone. I'll adjust and check back with you.

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