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Brian Byle
Posted May 07 - Read on Facebook

Hello again. I have the following code:

opacity: 0
opacity: 1


print button1.opacity

My print statement reads "0". ??? If I just switched to on why am I not seeing "1"?

The code is written exactly as shown above with no errors .

Thx in advance!



Andreas Wahlström

The animation has probably not finished before the print line runs. Try using a delay or an event listener to make it wait.

Brian Byle

Do you have a suggestion of how to apply that delay? I'm not sure where to put it.

Brian Byle

Cool thx man

Michael Boswell

use .switchInstant()

Brian Byle

Yes I've played with switchInstant as well since the default animation seems to be about .5 seconds. Perhaps I missed something so I'll give it another try.

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