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Brian Byle
Posted May 07 - Read on Facebook

Hello fellow Framers! Basic but important question concerning Framer & Sketch:
- I have 10 Artboards imported from Sketch
- Artboard 1 (on bottom) has a button
- Artboard 10(on top) has the same button in the same exact position
- Buttons have different names in Framer

Here's the rub: if I hide Artboard 10 ( opacity0), and I try to click the button on Artboard 1, even though Artboard 10 is invisible, IT always receives the CLICK event.

Since opacity 0 is not working, how do I "hide" to top Artboard so it will not receive the CLICK event and the lower Artboard will?

As always thx a ton in advance!



Trevor Phillippi

layerToHide.visible = false ?

Brian Byle

Yeah I will try that. I thought opacity 0 would hide it and visible.false may "remove " it.

Trevor Phillippi

It won't remove it, only make it invisible, where as opacity just makes it appear invisible but it will still receive events.

Brian Byle

Awesome that is what I was hoping for! Thx for the lightning fast reply!

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