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Silvia Bormüller
Posted May 07 - Read on Facebook

Hi guys, I would like to create a chained animation on an array. What is the best way to achieve this? I have an array with circles and two Animations. How can the array be set in the animation?
It only works with one layer for me..but i would like to call all the layers in the array. Thx


Kim Schneider

You can add multiple states to your layers to which you can switch by timed delays.

Ben Rodenhäuser

"layer: circles" won't work, because at that point you need to give Framer a layer, not an array. From your code, it's not completely clear to me what's supposed to be happening. Do you want to animate all your circles simultaneously in two steps, each in the same manner? If that's the goal, you could do it like this (most likely not the most elegant solution):

Silvia Bormüller

Yeah I just want to animate a bunch of circles the same way. Thanks will check this out

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