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Vladimir Shlygin
Posted Oct 12 - Read on Facebook

Hi everybody! Lately, I found myself working a lot with animated paths, so I made a small module that allows you to create vector shapes point by point in Processing / Paper JS way and animate them with native Framer animation. Currently, it supports only simple and bezier points (cubic and quadratic).

Some examples:


Danny White

This is mad!

Benjamin E Saravia

It looks amazing!

Trevor Phillippi

Nuts dude

Jordan Robert Dobson


Casey Baker

This is sweet

Josh Ackerman


Michael Boswell

Whoa, this is really nice. 👍🏼

Jorn van Dijk

This is incredible work!

Dave Crow

Hell yes! This will be really useful.

Sergey Voronov

insane) u made my svg tutorial useless) great job)

Jeongmin Kim


Vladimir Shlygin

Thanks to everybody, hope it will be useful! This is far from perfect and I am having some minor lags with this module, so I will try to fix them on the go, as I am working on the project that uses this module. Keep an eye on the Github updates :) Feedback and suggestions are appreciated.

Daniel Lin

Hm this doesn't seem to work with the latest Framer Library. Is anyone else getting this error? "TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'this._path.animationOptions')"

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