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Vladimir Shlygin
Posted Oct 12 - Read on Facebook

Hi everybody! Lately, I found myself working a lot with animated paths, so I made a small module that allows you to create vector shapes point by point in Processing / Paper JS way and animate them with native Framer animation. Currently, it supports only simple and bezier points (cubic and quadratic).

Some examples:


Danny White

This is mad!

Benjamin E Saravia

It looks amazing!

Trevor Phillippi

Nuts dude

Jordan Robert Dobson


Casey Baker

This is sweet

Josh Ackerman


Michael Boswell

Whoa, this is really nice. 👍🏼

Jorn van Dijk

This is incredible work!

Dave Crow

Hell yes! This will be really useful.

Jeongmin Kim


Vladimir Shlygin

Thanks to everybody, hope it will be useful! This is far from perfect and I am having some minor lags with this module, so I will try to fix them on the go, as I am working on the project that uses this module. Keep an eye on the Github updates :) Feedback and suggestions are appreciated.

Daniel Lin

Hm this doesn't seem to work with the latest Framer Library. Is anyone else getting this error? "TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'this._path.animationOptions')"

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