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Christian Selig
Posted May 06 - Read on Facebook

Get ready for some likely-silly questions. :)

- Once I've created a layer using Auto Code (command-shift-N) how do I reselect it to edit? I can't seem to figure this out.
- If I want to test an interaction on my iPad, how do I do that full screen? If I choose the "iPad" layout in Framer it mirrors the border in the web/iOS preview, which is kinda odd.


Jordan Robert Dobson

There is an icon on the left in the code area. Also I think you can cmd click the layer in the layers list or on the preview.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Koen Bok - this iPad issue seems to keep coming up. Any ideas here. I saw this once on my iPad Pro but decided to go full screen instead.

Eelco Lempsink

Christian, Jordan, the iPad bug has been fixed in the latest version of FramerJS. Use File → Update Framer Library to get it.

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