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Reshad Farid
Posted May 05 - Read on Facebook

Are there people out here who really convert their framer prototype into real code for iOS ? Do you have a video / tut on how u guys handle that? Cause I always restrict my prototypes with basic animations because I am afraid they would be inpossible to convert to code


Anthony Hetfield

You can use PaintCode or something similar if you want to convert it automatically!

Reshad Farid

I've seen paintcode but does that work smooth? Preferably I would program it myself so I know what every single bit of code does.

Anthony Hetfield

You're right.
I've haven't played with Paintcode much to tell you if the code is clean or not, that was just a suggestion :)
What you can do is to make the animation with PaintCode and redo it with your own code.

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