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Bimma Bimma
Posted May 09 - Read on Facebook

This is a fairly complex Framer prototype that runs great locally and reasonably well over the net on a desktop browser but is somehow borked when viewing on an iPad. Can anyone offer any suggestions as to why?

Also: easily the most elaborate Framer exercise I've done. 1200 lines of code. Getting better at more comprehensive prototypes - well beyond just spot interactions.


Jorn van Dijk

Nice work!

Eelco Lempsink

Bimma, great stuff! I just fixed the iPad bug in the latest version of the Framer Library. In Framer, use File → Update Framer Library to get it.

Bimma Bimma

Eelco: Many thanks. Looking forward to testing.

Eelco Lempsink

If you share the prototype and paste the link here I can download it and take a look (tomorrow). If you rather share it privately, you can email the link to my first name @

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