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U-Kyung Kim
Posted May 07 - Read on Facebook

I made a download icon today for some more Framer.js animation practice!


P.S., I would like to start a account, but don't have an invite yet. If anyone could share one with me, I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you to the FramerJS community! :)


Sadok Cervantes Rabadan

Good job! Should have a hover state too!

Christopher Moye

Wow. That's pretty cool.

U-Kyung Kim
Andy Ngo

Have you signed up as a prospect on Dribbble? If you already have, send me your username. I have an invite to spare. :-)

Ali Sanaknaki

If you don't mind me asking what do you use to record your screen?

Myroof Ahmed

Hey this looks awesome! Ibknownyiu probably already thought of this, but what if you make the mask go clock wise? Usually progress is indicated in clockwise direction...

Pascal Verstegen


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