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Anton Outkine
Posted May 05 - Read on Facebook

Hey all! Hi Koen! Following up on your suggestion that I post a tricky list/loop/state example that I see people stumbling upon and having problems in Slack — here it is. I commented on parts of code that seem suboptimal and removed all transitions and animations so this example would be as barebones as it can be. My question is how could this be done in a loop (and generally more elegantly in code) — there are at least two parts of code that could be improved.

More here:


Koen Bok

I'm going to apply my usual lazy strategy and see if other want to take a stab first :-)

Anton Outkine

Marc, thanks so much! Impressive. A few questions:

Why are you using “this”? I particularly don't get “this is”.
“@.states” and “_.indexOf” are also beyond my comprehension. Could you please comment on why and how you do latter parts of code?

Koen Bok

Yup that's pretty much exactly how I'd do it too.

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