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Rich Zarick
Posted Jan 07 - Read on Facebook

Got one for you guys, hope you enjoy it! Major props to Weston Thayer for making the Framed app happen on Windows 10


Alexander Bennett

Just tried this on a Surface Studio and it's so awesome! Weston does Framed support multitouch? I tried bg.OnTapStart (Events) -> print Events to see if it would recognize multiple fingers and it never did.

Jurre Houtkamp


Jonas Treub


Stefanos Kofopoulos

This is cool!

Krijn Rijshouwer

Dang! Really cool Rich Zarick !

Jordan Robert Dobson

Wow Rich. So great!

Benjamin E Saravia

Perfect time to bring the future for designers :)

Stephen Crowley

Please show this at the next meetup. :)

Koen Bok

Oh man this is amazing!

JL Flores Mena

Absolutely amazing! Stuff like this makes it clear why Framer is so unique and ahead of other prototyping tools. Thanks for sharing!

Jorn van Dijk


Weston Thayer

Can't wait to try this out 😀

Andrew Nalband


Supreeth Srinivasamurthy

So cool!

Yap Kwang Yik


Tomonari Takahashi

So nice!!

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