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Dave Crow
Posted May 03 - Read on Facebook

I’m seeing some odd behavior with this tablet prototype. Possibly a bug?

I’m trying mirror the prototype on an iPad Mini, but it was showing the device frame instead of a fullscreen prototype. So I thought I’d work around it by setting it to go fullscreen when Utils.isTablet() is true.

But then when I set the view scale in Framer to 50%, it zoomed out on the iPad. Change the zoom in Framer to 75% and it gets bigger. The view scale in Framer seems to be affecting the prototype on the device. This is only happening on the iPad, not my iPhone prototypes.

Has anyone else seen this? And is there any workaround?


Thomas Rekers

Try selecting "No-device", and zoom: "Fit"
with Framer.Device.contentScale = 0.5

That is what I use for previewing on my iPad.

Dave Crow

Continued working on this, but on the iPad some states and animations aren't coming through. Works fine in a desktop browser though. (Click on Transactions and Spending in the side menu.)

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