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Geunbae Lee
Posted May 03 - Read on Facebook


I'm relatively new to Framer...

I tried using modulate to change things around.
But I have a feeling that I wrote more codes than necessary. Any suggestions on how to make the code cleaner and shorter?



Eelco Lempsink

Hi Geunbae, I don’t immediately see any huge wins that can be made. The code seems perfectly readable to me (which is more important than terseness anyway). Any parts that you find too long/complicated yourself?

Geunbae Lee

Hi Eelco Lempsink, it's really great to hear that my code was readable to you. I'm just looking for any codes that I might have unnecessarily made it longer. Also I'm curious if it's important to have short codes in Framer. Is it okay as long as the prototype is ran in the direction that I intended?

Koen Bok

You can think of your code like your Sketch document structure. There are many ways to organize it, and sometimes you heavily rely on symbols where other times you have a few copies. It really depends how you work and what you need get done.

Licong Song


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