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Thomas Rekers
Posted Apr 30 - Read on Facebook

Hello all. I am prototyping a log in screen with input fields and previewing it on an iPad, and I encountered the following problem:

When entering values in the input fields, the iPad keyboard comes up and moves up the prototype preview. Hereafter, the prototype preview is stuck in this position, even when the onscreen iPad keyboard has disappeared.

Q1: How can I reset the prototype preview to its normal position, when input fields are inactive or when I advance to another page?

This happens when previewing on my device. I have attached three screenshots; one before, one with onscreen keyboard, and one after the onscreen keyboard has disappeared. Any help or advice is much appreciated.


Thomas Rekers

Here is a link to the project, for previewing on iPads:

Koen Bok

As far as I know, there is no way around this in the browser. I believe that Frameless and other fullscreen browser apps don't have this.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Reset the page scroll here.

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