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Andy Catch
Posted May 01 - Read on Facebook

Hi there, I'm working on a prototype where I was hoping to have the current date and time shown.

I found an old project that uses Utils.domLoadScriptSync() to pull in an API, so I thought I could just use that with one of the many date/time data sources out there, but there's no documentation for this Util on the Framer site. But it still autocompletes inside the updated Framer app.

I presume this means that it's been deprecated, but if not, where might I find docs on correct usage and parameters? And if it has, what method (s) might I use to pull in external data?
Thanks guyzzzz!


George Kedenburg III

you just need to pull in the current date and time? you dont need any APIs or anything, this is built into JS :) how do you want to display it?

Jordan Robert Dobson

Here's a snippet to get you started. Add it to your Framer snippets folder.

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