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Josef Richter
Posted Apr 30 - Read on Facebook

Sorry for asking for millionth time: is there a way to include/exclude layers to be imported to Framer? Ideally just by putting some character in their name? Can't google out any answer. I have like 100-200 various draft screens in each Sketch file... Thanks!


Josef Richter

Well, one always finds answer only once he asks. So, putting '-' at the end of Artboard name will exclude it, putting '*' at the end will flatten it. Same applies to individual layer groups.

This seems to be missing in documentation though. Only found it in one of the blog posts.

Aalok Trivedi

Yea so unfortunately, the '*' only works for top level parent groups. So if I have a lot of nested groups, the '*' won't flatten the group unless its the topmost parent. This is a little frustrating for me since I do use a lot of nested groups in my framer sketch files. Any way around this?

Josef Richter

Also the new Insert menu for states and events doesn't really make that sense - if you have hundreds of layers, it's unusable. Would be great to be able to insert event/state by right-clicking on it in the layers 'inspector'.

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