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Asher Isaac Simonds
Posted Apr 30 - Read on Facebook

What's going on Framer folks.

We set up a private web server to host our prototypes internally so our engineers can use them while they work their magic. The unfortunate part is while everything works great from a presentation standpoint, sharing the code for the prototype still involves using the file or manually copying and pasting it in email or chat.

I know some of the examples on the Framer site showed a code sidebar on the desktop version of the prototype preview - is there a way to use that to better communicate between design and development?


Asher Isaac Simonds

Odd question I know :)

Koen Bok

It's actually something we're thinking about a lot. In theory you can build this yourself with some frontend that adds a .js on the fly.

But we are working on something we'll offer to companies so they can simply run our sharing server themselves with a bunch of options.

Asher Isaac Simonds

That sounds great Koen. Framer is a core piece to our process and communication so having an internal system that delivers the whole picture in a secure way would be a boon to product's workflow.

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