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Jacopo Moretto
Posted Apr 29 - Read on Facebook

Hi, I'm new to FramerJS and I'm curious to know how many pages a project can have before it became to complex to handle with the tool.
I would use it to prototype responsive websites (btw I can't find many examples on that) and I don't know if I need to create small projects with 1-2 pages or on bigger project with many pages inside.
Thank you :)


Hari Abinash

Did a prototype using a page component initially. Used 5 pages. 1 page contains 4 screens. Total there were 9/10 screens. But the outcome was pretty buggy and code was huge. Then used viewController from Andreas Wahlström (Earlier version). No bugs, less code and smooth transitions till page 6 after, it started slowing down. So I removed the back instances and delete the 1-6 pages on going to page 7. Transition became smooth and no lag. Less clue about the memory handle in framer and in viewControler module from Andreas Wahlström.

I think, you can go ahead and do the complex project with 10+ pages/screens in framer. Try to do/create in framer itself before importing too much images into framer. If possible use SVG. Avoid unnecessary repetition of images. Also the bigger and more number of the screens, more time to refresh after each change.

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