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Andreas Wahlström
Posted Feb 09 - Read on Facebook

Hi! I rewrote the ViewController module from scratch with new animations and a accompanying Sketch plugin for generating UI flows. Would love to hear your thoughts!

Download here:
Intro article:


Sergio Reynoso

I'm using the Sketch plugin and I am getting this error: TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'newView.parent = _this')

Sabitov Farid

Amazing! Thank you so much!!! I'm just in love with Framer!!!

Marc Krenn


BunaZz Rmutt

Vladimir Shlygin

Wow, that's so cool! Andreas Wahlström, it seams that I don't need any prototyping tools but Framer now :)

Will Colley


Ciaran Madigan

This is fantastic. It was already fantastic. Now it's fantasticer. Thanks a million

Stephen Crowley

Great stuff! 😎

Josef Richter

Holy shit are you fuckin kiddin me? Frickin amazing!

Jorn van Dijk

On fire! 🔥

Jonne Frankena

Joppe als we dit tijdens I&E hadden he :O <3

Andrew Weida Liew

Hisyam Ace

Sergey Yurchenko

Nice, Thanks!

Ziyun Peng

Val Zheng

Aaron James

Welp, I know what I'm going to be tinkering with for the next few hours.

Fran Pérez

Man! this is awesome, but I finished yesterday a proto using the old one :P

Paul Vu

Awesome. Man.

Hari Abinash

Jordan Robert Dobson

Love the emoji usage.

Jacopo Moretto

This is awesome! Are multi hotspots allowed on the same artboard?
It could be useful to have an highlight of the active area on the screen when user taps on the screen :)

Benjamin Den Boer

Wow, super impressive stuff man.

Rohit Muppidi

simplicity and such rad utility, works like charm :)...however i could'nt find the plugin link in git files. missing something?

Josef Richter

I can't explain in words how awesome this is for me. I've been using other tools than Framer solely because multi-screen flows are not what Framer was built for, so they're difficult to work with. But this is a game changer for me... Thanks so much Andreas Wahlström !

Shiv Kehr

Dario Loerke, Ahmed El Wassimy

Ahmed El Wassimy

Charlie Gedeon

Andreas Wahlström

Thanks for the feedback, everyone! I just put together an introduction article on Medium for those new to Framer and modules:

Jacopo Moretto

Hi, sorry if I'm boring you :) is it possibile to create kind of overlay? I'm thinking at menu over pages.
Let me know if it's an impossible request :D

Ciaran Madigan

This came along at such a good time for me. I've just embarked on building a very large prototype with micro-interactions on many pages. I'd tried something like this before but ended up drowning in code. This time it's manageable though and that's largely thanks to you. Thanks again

Damiano Gui


Márcio Ribeiro

Hey Andreas Wahlström, is the module working with the updated framer library? I've updated my project and now I'm getting this error: [framer.modules.js] TypeError: undefined is not a function (evaluating '_.contains(, name)').

Ban Nguyen

Updated files and stil get the error

Benjamin E Saravia

Wow great work! #awesomeUX

Andreas Wahlström

The new Framer update exposed a bug in my code which breaks the module. Make sure to download the latest version here:

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