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Matias Seijas
Posted Jan 30 - Read on Facebook

Hey guys! I've been playing with Adobe XD today, and I'm wondering if there's an easy way to import these designs into framer. Does anyone have any experience with this? Thank you!


Jorn van Dijk

Hey Matias, it's not possible yet. But we'll work on this in the near future.

Joshua Erickson

Matias Seijas Jorn van Dijk I was hoping to move away from Adobe products to Affinity based on price, but I have to say that Adobe XD has become quite amazing lately. It seems similar to Sketch, but with the best pluigins integrated very thoughtfully into the app. The prototyping preview, not needing a connected device is also a wonderful tool (though, they now allow you to preview on devices… haven’t tried it yet). I have been using InVision’s Craft plugin with the beta prototyping tool. It is a great tool, but not quite where Adobe XD prototyping tools is at. Both InVision’s Craft plugin for Sketch and Adobe XD prototyping tools are fill in the gap I’ve been looking for quick prototyping, before jumping into more detailed Framer prototyping. Would appreciate your thoughts here.

Joshua Erickson

If I go with Adobe XD, would really appreciate integration with Framer Studio.

German Bauer

Step 1:
Ask Adobe to make their tool be scriptable and have an open, easy to use API!

Koen Bok

Just to give some insight: we're talking to Adobe and they'd love to integrate, but we need a layer panel to organize the structure on the XD side :-)

Sergey Yashchuk

Yeah, I'm using XD a lot lately. For now, I'm just exporting assets directly to the images folder in the framer project. I thought it would be a hassle but actually, it's not that bad and in some cases very flexible. You can just drag and drop an image into the framer and copy/paste X and Y position coordinates from XD.

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