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Sabitov Farid
Posted Apr 29 - Read on Facebook

Dear Framer team!

Could you please create a module for «gooey» effect. I’ve spent a lot of time to figure it out and the maximum that I could get is:

Thanks Marc Krenn for assistance, based on his solution I have been creating my project. Here’s his work:

Later on I realized that creating such effects via CSS filters is not a good idea. Here’s the article that describes how to reach that «gooey» effect via SVG filters, that are more flexible and work everywhere

Unfortunately, my programming knowledge is not very deep and I had to spend a lot of time on learning and in the end I couldn’t create anything cool :(

I’d happily use that effect in my projects, since it enriches the UI. It would be really cool if there was a simple method of using it as a properly.

For example:
layerA = new Layer
y: 396
x: 22
gooey: true

I’m sure it will give a huge push for creativity! And it would be absolutely awesome to have physics in Framer that could be integrated via module.

Below are more articles on the topic:


Sabitov Farid
Sergey Voronov by Marc Krenn as i remember

Jordan Robert Dobson
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