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Cameron Burgess
Posted Apr 28 - Read on Facebook

Hey Everyone,

I've been trying to follow this guide ( to animate SVG assets in the newest version of Framer and Sketch.

Does anyone know if it's not deprecated and/or if there's a new way to do it?



Hamed Bahrami

Hey, i just used it recently, so it does work :)

Aalok Trivedi

It does work but the article is old and is not updated for the new module in github. Follow the directions in github. Also the plugin has not been updated so it pastes a bunch of data that is unusable. But if you delete everything except the components you see in the github example it works perfectly

Josh Puckett

Yea, my bad y'all. Will find some time later this week to update!

Lionel Cordier

Doesn't work here, the framer module is not accepted. Sketch plugin does nothing :-/ (last version of both)

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