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Aalok Trivedi
Posted Apr 27 - Read on Facebook

Hey All. Another functions/array problem:
I have a bunch of layers in an array (myArray = [layer1, layer2, layer3...layer16]). When I click on any layer in that array, all the other layers should scale to 0. When I click on the layer again, all layers should return to their original state.

to beat the dead horse:
click on any layer in myArray-->
--all layers in myArray except the layer I clicked scale to 0
-----click on same layer-->
-------all layers return to scale 1


Ben Rodenhäuser
Ben Rodenhäuser

What happens if you click on a layer, and next click on some other layer?

Aalok Trivedi

Almost. Chris Camargo helped me out with this. For anyone interested:

Ben Rodenhäuser

I see, if they scale to 0, the problem of deviations from the protocol does not arise (as in the otherwise equivalent case of changing background colors).

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