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Chris Cbass Thomas
Posted Apr 28 - Read on Facebook

Hey all. So I'm really new to code I know a little. But I saw the latest update on how to design visually. Where is the best place to start learning Framer. I saw the learn page but I'm clueless, I wanted to use Framer to start showing CEO's and VP's progress on designs. How big of a learning curve is it?

Thanks in advance for the help/


Koen Bok

Hey Chris, it really depends on where you start and what you want to accomplish. I've seen people go from never using code to using it everyday in two weeks. But just getting some basic stuff done should go a lot quicker.

Best place to start is to pick a resource that suits you. The courses are all really good:

Chris Cbass Thomas

Thanks man I look forward to checking it out.

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