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JL Flores Mena
Posted Apr 27 - Read on Facebook

Hey everyone, I couldn't find if this question was asked before:

I have a ScrollComponent and I'm using ".on Events.Scroll" and ".on Events.Move" as my listeners.
However, if I autoscroll the scrollY property using animate those events are not triggered.
-- properties:
---- scrollY: 400

Why are those events not triggering? Is there a workaround for this?

TL;DR I need a way to autoscroll a scrollComponent that also triggers the Events.Move listener.



Ben Rodenhäuser

I think it's not myScroll but myScroll.content that moves/scrolls. Did you try that?

Jordan Robert Dobson

I'm pretty sure it's the content that moves. Also I'm thinking you should just use the scroll to position method instead?

Jordan Robert Dobson


Jordan Robert Dobson

JL Flores Mena

Hey, yes that's why this is strange:
1. I've never had to use .content before, you simply set the event listeners to the ScrollComponent and everything works.
2. The thing here is that both .animate and .scrollToPoint do not trigger Events.Move / Events.Scroll.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Yeah. I hear you... I've always done it on content because that's what actually moves. But it would be nice to get it from the wrapper as well. But then if you move the wrapper you lose out on the flexibility.

JL Flores Mena

I think this may be a bug then... either that, or we really need a "change:scrollY" listener : )

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