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Ermal Turkesi
Posted Apr 27 - Read on Facebook

is there a way to specify the depth or z-indez of the layers? I want to have the status bar above everything...


Marc Krenn


statusBar.index = foo
statusBar.z = bar

Edit: Try to stick to 'index' as 'z' moves the layer closer to the observer (making the layer appear larger).

Jordan Robert Dobson

Layer.bringToFront() ?

Kevin Cannon

The above points work, just be aware that sometimes there's odd nesting of things imported from Sketch. You might need to set the Superlayer to put it in the right group.

Ermal Turkesi

Great point Kevin, I did have that issues and I fixed it, thanks! Thank you all.

Hari Abinash

In Sketch, you can keep the status bar top most before importing

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