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Keith Lang
Posted Apr 26 - Read on Facebook

Can I propose a change/ alternate method for how Documentation work?

Reason: I find myself using the website instead, because:
a) it's more predictable due to OS X differences in Commmand+tab, compared to Command+tilde, as well as more habitual.
b) Realtime search results in the browser. (feature request)

However, it's not possible to have documentation up at same time as typing in IDE unless I tile windows.

1. User hits Command+D.
2. Documentation view appears as lower third of coding window, per console in Preview view.
3. If user had text selected, this is what is searched on automatically
4. Focus is in the search field of Documentation (?)
5. User can still move focus and type in the IDE, without losing Documentation view.

Other small requests:
• Real-time search results, like in the browser
• Search results in scrolling Documentation view to have selection at *top* of view, not at bottom.


Koen Bok

Thanks for the suggestions, we will do a pass on the docs in the near future and take these into account.

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