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Davey Heuser
Posted Apr 26 - Read on Facebook

Early February I started my graduation journey at Bundle and I stumbled upon some issues while testing my previous prototypes. They weren't hi-fidelity enough for users to understand what was going on. That's when I hopped on the Framer train and got a shit ton of help from Krijn Rijshouwer and Timon van Spronsen who helped me hack this prototype together.

I would love to get better at Framer so please don't hesitate to give feedback (I'd do a lot of things different next time already):


Krijn Rijshouwer

Great work! 🔥

Jorn van Dijk


Brittany Bowman Gregory

Nice Davey Heuser! Welcome to the Framer train :)

Koen Bok

Cool work Davey!

Davey Heuser

Thanks, guys!

Leon Kosters

Looks awesome! Cool page component. 😄

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