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Kevyn Arnott
Posted Oct 12 - Read on Facebook

Hey everyone!

I'm really excited to share a module that I've been working on. the module's goal is to provide native iOS offerings inside of Framer, so that you can rapidly prototype on iOS without having to recreate anything native in iOS.

It has bunch of things like iOS Keyboards for all iPhone & iPads (except-iPad Pro), a constraint-based layout engine (comparable to Auto Layout), Alerts, Banners, auto-sizing Text & Buttons, Status Bars with real time, Tab Bars, Navigation Bars, Sheets, Fields, and more.

I'm sure it still has some bugs, so if you run into any let me know. Also, if you'd like me to add anything in the future send me any suggestions you may have.



Stephen Crowley

This is awesome! Thanks for sharing this Kevyn.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Great module. Have you addressed animation issues yet?

Andrew Weida Liew

Hisyam Ace

Josh Puckett

This is 🔥🔥🔥

Amrit Mazumder

Jason Cashdollar

Marc Krenn

Holy smoke.

Marlon Bishop

Can't wait to try this out! Exactly what I needed🍰

Shafiu Hussain


Bran Young


Teny Lu


Siavash Shabanipour

holy shit this is impressive

Niels van Hoorn

Awesome stuff! Thanks for sharing!

Mike Hughes

Thank you from all of us !

Tes Mat

Wow. Very impressive!

Diogo Dantas

This is amazing! Thank you!

Ee Venn Soh


Ee Venn Soh

New challenge: Android native interactions :D

Kasper Andersen

wow! Great job!

Jens Nikolaus


Keith Lang

Thank you Kevyn Arnott for this!

Ed Monterrubio

Amazing. So grateful for this!

Ermal Turkesi

Awesome job on this! When i require iOSKit, the screen goes all white on Frames on iOS. it shows up good on the Framer's iPhone...Any idea why this is happening?

Jordan Robert Dobson

Kevyn Arnott - do you need help with the iPad Pro keyboard?

Ke Wang

This is awesome!

Alex Bystrov

holy shit, sir

Mark J Harvey

this is the type of thing that is missing from all prototyping tools i've seen. It was the one thing I was hoping the recent Framer update had

Fran Pérez

Impressive, good job sir! :)

Jiwoong Lee


Jordan Robert Dobson

It's so awesome that Framer enables to build these things and share so easily.

Lee Jungyoung

This is so awesome.

Dustin Goodman

Kevyn Arnott how's it going man? This is very cool stuff.

Amanda Legge

So awesome... Hats off, Kevyn!

Robert van Klinken

Kevyn Arnott, great work! I bumped into a problem where my ios.field isn't accepting my animation constraints after I run ios.animateLayout()

Wouter Van de Kamp

I'm still wondering Kevyn Arnott, and perhaps others, why would we want this full kit. No offense, I really like what you did there but we are getting so close to native right now. Why wouldn't we do this immediately in xCode. Like animating a constraint there nowadays takes only 5 lines of code. Of course it might be a bit harder for the new ones to get there, but for the people that are using this module, I think they have a basic understanding of xCode. Just wondering.

Sabitov Farid

Amazing work Kevyn Arnott ! I have an idea about new module What do you think? Thank you

Daniel Lin

Kevyn, I can't get this to properly load when previewing on mobile (Frameless, Frames, safari), even the demo. Works perfectly in Studio though...any idea why? :/

Márcio Ribeiro

Kevyn Arnott thanks for sharing, this module is incredible! I was wondering if theres an option to get a numeric keyboard, like this one: ?

Nick Kutateli

Is there anyway to change properties of some of the elements after they are created? For example changing "keyboard.output" after setting it in "new ios.Keyboard"

Benjamin E Saravia

I think this is huge !! claps

Enrico Capone

Amazing Kevyn! I'll try this in the next few days. Could you add the black style keyboard in the next update?

Jon Madison

i'd love a device independent constraint-based layout module T.T

Paul Kooi

Awesome... can't wait to try it



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