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Sabitov Farid
Posted Apr 26 - Read on Facebook

Hi fellows!

Today is my 8th day with Framer and after getting a lot of positive feedback on my yesterday’s collection of preloaders I decided to take it further. Thus I created a new preloader in Framer that could be fully customized to your needs. Please make rebounds to this shot in Dribbble, it will be very interesting for me to check out your creative approaches

Download link:

Hope you will like it! Follow me on Dribbble for everyday freebies Framer projects. And thanks for your feedback and support!


Sadok Cervantes Rabadan

You keep getting better and better!

Mochen Liu

How did you make this video?

Marc Krenn

Spinner.rotation + SpinnerContainer.rotation = pretty smart ;) (Y)

Jeff McLean

Nice work Sabitov Farid! I'm curious, how did you make that video from your Framer prototype?

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