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Adhithya R Kumar
Posted Apr 25 - Read on Facebook

Been getting this error every time I try to import something after today's update. This is not nice to have before a hard deadline @[email protected]


Marc Krenn

1) Photoshop or Sketch import?
2) What preview device are you using?
3) Is it rotated when importing those assets?
4) Can you share your Sketch- / Photoshop-file?
5) Did you try using the latest Framer Beta (

Adhithya R Kumar

1. Sketch import.
2. I tried using Nexus 6p but the device does not show up.
3. Nope, not rotated.
4. There is literally nothing in my Sketch file but a rectangle as a background and still the error continues. I stripped down every layer and the error still shows up.

This is all I have in my Sketch file now. Technically supposed to import.

Marc Krenn

Hm, can't replicate it. Can you share your Framer file?

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