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JS Leonard
Posted Apr 26 - Read on Facebook

Hi, are there any plans to allow regular ol' javascript over coffeescript?


Mike Feldstein

If you really want to now, you can embed javascript in a coffee file using backticks. See here:

JS Leonard

You rock Mike Feldstein! Thanks so much. Will this become standard in the future (without backticks)?

Mike Feldstein

In Framer Studio you mean? That's up to Team Framer.

Marc Krenn

Rhys Merritt

I realise a lot of you guys have a fair bit of hate for CoffeeScript, but as someone who has very limited code knowledge, it's much better and easier to write / understand than JavaScript.. What is everyone's problem with CoffeeScript, and what would the benefits of switching to JavaScript be?

Mårten Björk

Rhys: I totally get that. My frustration with CoffeScript is that while it looks simpler than JS, it's basically the same thing with a different syntax. So, for us who are well familiarized with JS, CoffeeScript adds a lot of friction with very few upsides.

Mike Johnson

The other frustration with CS is that you can't copy paste code from 90% of the web. There's tons of great stuff out there in JS, and converters from JS to CS don't always get it right

Wouter Van de Kamp

I totally agree upon Mike Johnson's point of view on these things here. Kinda hate the indenting as well, altho with the new tools and error logging in framer it got kinda better. Besides that ES to web is a good way, altho most people are still prototyping for mobile in framer. Haven't seen so much web examples in this group tho.

Malcolm Wölf

As a designer with only a little JS know-how, I appreciate CoffeeScript.

Ee Venn Soh

Coffeescript and JS are essentially the same. CS just less typing. Majority of the prototypes in Framer Studio, an online converter like is sufficient enough. Unless you are like me who hack my Framer prototype with other physics, animation library to test things out. The conversion might be slightly off. Eg: If you are prototyping for the web, desktop and would like to use the GSAP library. The great thing about JS is this is the standard and CS will fade eventually (I reckon). Tons of JS resources compared to CS too. And 1 more thing, I always believe in investing time in a skill that has a future potential. Learning JS is definitely a much better investment that is applicable to a wider spectrum rather than learning CS just to use Framer studio.

Koen Bok

We have plans to switch to ES6 eventually, but no timeline.

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