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Parth Kapadia
Posted Apr 25 - Read on Facebook

I have created a parent layer (say, parent1) inside which I have 4 layers which look and behave the same (e.g. 4 photos in an album gallery). i have stored these in an array (say, array1) so that handling them is a breeze.
now i copied the parent layer to another layer (say, parent 2). the 4 child layers are present. But how do I access their states? Is a new array also created? if yes, what is its name. if not, how do i now access their properties (since their names are the same as earlier)

pseudo code:
array1 = [layer1, layer2,layer3,layer4]
parent2 = parent1.copy()


Ben Rodenhäuser

The children of parent2 will be stored in the array parent2.children

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