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Sabitov Farid
Posted Apr 25 - Read on Facebook

Hi fellows!

Today is my 7th day with Framer and I thought it is a good idea to provide ready to use preloaders to help newbies. So you guys can easily copy and paste them in your prototypes and customize it to your needs.

Download link:

Even though this a first attempt, later on I will keep working on improving it: I’m planning to use svg module so that is more flexible for customization (linecap, strokeWidth, dashOffset, animation curves and etc)

At the moment I have gathered quite a lot of preferences ( ), but I won’t be able to implement them on my own because some of them require some specific knowledge in svg - I believe that if we make various trendy and modern preloaders we could change the attitude towards preloaders altogether, since all designers will be able to easily implement them. So as a result of our joint effort in the end of the upcoming week I’m planning on putting together a collection of all the preloaders that we are going to create and I will mention and promote everybody who have contributed with their works to the collection. Please PM me in Facebook( ), I’ll provide more info and will add you to the team ;)

Hope you will like it! Follow me on Dribbble for everyday freebies Framer projects. And thanks for your feedback and support!

And big thanks to Marc Krenn who helped me with the code!


Sabitov Farid

Thank you Framer team! You are making really a revolutionary product that will change the design industry. Now all designers have one app where they can make their own interactions and cool animations and even their own preloaders

Saurabh Srivastava

Hi , its really cool. I downloaded the source file from the link provided from you and when i trued running that file I experienced following error. Please help me , I am having latest framer updated

Cristian Constantin Olarasu

man.. you're killing it

Benjamin Den Boer

Inspiring stuff man.

Marc Krenn

Awesome work, Sabitov! Jeez, you're on fire :D

As we discussed yesterday, I think it would be extremely cool and valuable as a learning project, if we'd wrap these loading indicator into a class module.

Just let me know when you feel ready to do this!

Hans van de Bruggen

Killing it!

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