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Jason Valalik
Posted Apr 24 - Read on Facebook

A huge addition to this would be these things, IMO.

1. The ability to "connect" pages a'la Flinto
2. The ability to edit the text in the layers

I'm stuck between this and Flinto


Jordan Robert Dobson

Ever get your inputs working? I know that the ViewNavigationController that Chris Camargo is working would do what you wanted.

Jason Valalik

No, not yet. Thought, I didn't explore much of that today. I'm trying to construct an on-boarding process which will be about 6-12 screens, when I include error handling, etc. and it feels like that could get unwieldy in framer. That's why I was exploring Flinto.

Marc Krenn

Hey Jason,

1) This is an area the team is definitely interested in exploring, but I wouldn't expect that particular feature to make it into Framer anytime soon (if ever, nothing set in stone).

What we will see in the near term though, is a Navigation Controller Component with the goal of simplifying the setup of artboard-based user flows, among some other handy features like "Interaction highlighting".

2) If I remember correctly, text editing will be included in the next big AutoCode update :)

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