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Christopher Hernandez Magcamit
Posted Apr 24 - Read on Facebook

Hows it going everyone!

I created scrollComponent for my content, but I noticed that part of my image shows up in the background. Any idea how to fix this?


Marc Krenn

Looks like a bug to me.

cc Koen / Jonas

Also I think it's kinda weird that resulting instance of "scroll = ScrollComponent.wrap(foo)" is labeled as "content" in the inspector instead of "scroll" ...

Arun Venkatesan

Are you using sketch import? Are you using symbols?

Koen Bok

Not really a bug, but maybe behavior I can improve. I can't see your Sketch file, but I assume the "content" group has a bitmap in there (and more groups). That is why we add it to the scroll background, but I have a feeling we maybe shouldn't. Is there a chance that I could see you sketch file to take a better look?

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