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Samihah Azim
Posted Apr 25 - Read on Facebook

Hi all!! New to Framer from Principle (and new to this community!). I'm having trouble with getting a button to show a different screen on click. I have two screens in sketch that are in two different artboards (would it be better to do pages?). The button that's on one of the screens should take the prototype to the next screen. I've been able to get the interactions working on the first screen with the exception of the button. Here's a picture but I can recreate a version using boxes to replace the content in the screens in sketch if it would be easier to share a sketch file to understand what I'm referring to. Thanks in advance!


Trevor Phillippi

Hey Samihah, welcome to Framer! Here's a quick example I made: Using artboards isn't bad, but just be mindful as you design of how Framer's importer handles them. "The x and y properties of the most left artboard on your canvas will be set to 0, 0. All other artboards are positioned relative to this one." (from

In the example I attached, I just set the second artboard's position to the window's origin point and then toggle them on button press. Sketch file:

Enrique Gonzalez

Hi Samihah, I'm curious why did you move away from Principle?

Rushir Parikh

I'm curious as well!

Saurabh Srivastava

Even I have same question , what ,make you move from Principle to framer

Samihah Azim

Enrique , Rushir and Saurabh: 2 of the designers on the design team at One Medical that are also working on consumer-facing products are really good at prototyping, and like the flexibility of Framer that some of these other tools don't have. Also, we're using coffeescript rather than the wysiwyg so even if we move away from Framer, we at least will have the coding knowledge that we can apply elsewhere, whereas with Principle and Pixate, you can't really do that. Tools are changing all the time and there's no clear winner yet for prototyping tools. We want to use something that can be a bit more lasting and learning coffeescript gives us the knowledge of the logic structure of programming that we can apply elsewhere. Our other top choice was just storyboarding in xcode, but since we have and support Android users (and web), storyboarding in xcode wouldn't give us the flexibility that we need. We needed to consider our users beyond mobile, as well as consider the needs of our colleagues designing software on the medical provider side which is more of an internal/enterprise experience.

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