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Sabitov Farid
Posted Apr 24 - Read on Facebook


Today is my 5th day with Framer and after receiving positive feedback for my yesterday’s post, I decided to enhance my project from Day 004. Thanks for your feedback and support! I appreciate it a lot!

Here is the download link for Framer + Sketch

So a bit about my project today: I implemented drag and drop effect to add the city card to the letter, which is visually demonstrated as an open envelope at the bottom of the screen.

Hope you will like it! Follow me on Dribbble for everyday freebies Framer projects. And thanks for your feedback and support!

I’m open for job offers, if you have interesting proposals, please contact me: [email protected]


Jorn van Dijk

Very nice iteration from yesterday.

Kees Plattel

neat! Can't wait where you'll take the next days!

Nicolas Russo-Larsson

so well designed, and nice transitions. if i were you i would also potentially add a direction lock to the page component (directionLock: true) to distinguish between changing pages and dragging down...

Jean-Philippe van den Hove


Marc Krenn

Wait a second, the card actually wouldn't fit like that! Maybe the card should continously fold while being dragged into the envelop, what do you think? :P #wishlist #stealthMotivation #proTipModulate

Ashwini Purohit

this is great! I'm new to Framer so downloading your file is very helpful to go through. A couple questions...

1) when you created your page component 'page' why did you need to specify the 'x' positions of each page? I thought usually the page component just places them next to each other. In this case if i comment out the x positions all the pages end up on top of each other

2)why did you have to use sketch.liberty_image.parent = page.content to add pages to your page component? When I tried it the way I normally do which is page.addPage(sketch.liberty_image) it is all messed up.

3) what does children[#] mean? e.g. page.currentPage.children[3].states.switch

Cemre Güngör

Awesome. Can we see these straight up?

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