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Josh Max Rubinstein
Posted Apr 26 - Read on Facebook

Is there some documentation that references how Framer v61 Sketch imports have changed? I am seeing all sorts of finicky behavior.
– If layers extend beyond the art board there's weird offsets in Framer. For example if I have a mask for an image where the bitmap art is bigger than the mask...and that mask goes from edge to edge on my art board after import to Framer that layer does not appear :(
– If the art bard is not at 0,0 then the imported art is offset
– Opacity on groups is not maintained. Ex if I have a group and within that group I have layers with opacity set to say 50% but the group is set to opacity settings are ignored on the layer :(


Marc Krenn

Hey Josh,
the guys fixed a bunch of Sketch-related bugs in the latest Beta ( release. Would be cool if you could give it a spin and tell us if the problems mentioned above still persist.

By the way you can activate the beta using your regular license :)

Josh Max Rubinstein

Marc Krenn Sorry for the delay. I tested the beta and it fixes all the issues I was experiencing. Can I continue to use Beta and then seamlessly switch over to a new release when it's ready?

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