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U-Kyung Kim
Posted Apr 24 - Read on Facebook

As a practice of States and Utils.interval, I just made this search bar interaction :D

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Riomar Mccartney

Nice! Thought it was a Japanese flag 😂

Blundstone Osterberger

yes really nice but it should have a looking glass not a red square no?

Michael Boswell

I do find the spring when collapsing not pleasant, especially the cropping on the circles. If you intend on using this in a design, I'd encourage you to reconsider the spring to not go past it's desired destination.

Jorn van Dijk

Dope, but for a second I thought it was a record button.

Hari Abinash

How about replacing the red dot with a search icon, would be a more fitting idea.

Michael Boswell

Take it further: search icon that transitions to an 'X' when expanded.

Andrew Nalband

U-Kyung Kim takes feedback better than just about anyone I've seen posting design work to Facebook.

Христо Панайотов

I would mistake it for "start recording" button, based on the colour and shape, but good animation anyway

Kévin Baës

Thank you for this example. To advance in my understanding of FramerJS , I tried to recreate your animation before looking at your code. Here's a different way to do, but without Utils :

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