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Benjamin Den Boer
Posted May 11 - Read on Facebook

Hey all! Today, we’re introducing the Framer Gallery. This replaces our Examples page and showcases the latest featured designs, which we’ll be updating frequently. Browse through all the beautiful work people are making in Framer. Discover new interactions and find inspiration.

Featuring amazing new work from George Kedenburg III, Robert van Klinken, Balraj Chana, Amine Zafri, Djordje Vanjek and more! :-)


Aaron James

I noticed that some of the examples were broken since the last update. Does this new Framer Gallery update the projects to the most recent version of Framer?

Arturo Goicochea

Guys, STOP IT already :P so much cool stuff

Nikolay Berezovskiy

Hey, where is Jordan Robert Dobson? The big part of community

Parth Kapadia

Hey can you have the gifs load on mouse hover? the gallery page has become quite heavy and takes ages to load on poor connections

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